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Summer Camps 2021!

Thank you for considering our Summer Camps!  You will not be disappointed.  With qualified Early Childhood Educators, regular events, guests and trips, your child will have non-stop fun and adventure!  We will provide two snacks and a home-cooked lunch every day, so no need to worry about packing any food.  We also honor all eating restrictions, sensitivities, and allergies. 

In the 2021 year we are limiting outings due to COVID; taking all necessary precautions.  But there will be no shortage of excitement!  Please see the schedule below for all of the great things we have planned. Please scroll to the bottom for registration and fee information.

Week #1: July 5 – 9

  • Mad Science of the Maritimes visits on the 7th at 1pm
    • A company that started in 1985 with two brothers, doing experiments for their kids and neighbours for the love of science!  A returning guest to The Children’s Garden summer camps – the kids love it!
    • Check them out: https://maritimes.madscience.org/whoweare.aspx

Week #2: July 12 – 16

  • Lego Adventures visits on the 15th at 1pm
    • A locally owned and operated family business, known for all kinds of events, they come with parachutes full of lego, and the children get to race cars they have built by attaching balloons.  A returning guest to The Children’s Garden summer camps, always a hit!
    • Check them out: Lego Adventure Birthday Parties on Facebook

Week #3: July 19 – 23

  • The Travelling Stage visits on the 20th at 10am
    • A Canadian company in its 19th year, The Travelling Stage encourages a love of dance and drama!  They employ professionals currently working in the industry, who will come and do a dance class and a theatre class with the children, props included!  A new guest to The Children’s Garden summer camps.
    • Check them out: https://travellingstage.com/about-us/

Week #4: July 26 – 30

  • Grow a Lotus Yoga visits on the 28th at 1pm
    • Locally owned and operated with two certified Yoga Instructors who are also mothers with full time jobs!  They will do a fun workshop introducing poses through a story.  A new guest to The Children’s Garden summer camps.
    • Check them out: https://www.growalotus.com/about

Week #5: August 2 – 6

Week #6: August 9 – 13

  • Lego Adventures visits on the 12th at 10am
    • See week #2 for details;  building and construction
    • Check them out: Lego Adventure Birthday Parties on Facebook

Week #7: August 16 – 20

  • A trip to the Westmount Sprinkler Park, complete with a picnic!

Week #8: August 23 – 27

Week #9: August 30 – September 3

The fun doesn’t stop with a weekly guest!  Friends and family members of staff will also come throughout the summer to stimulate the children’s creativity and curiosity, exposing them to different things.  A basketball coach is coming to do a workshop, a military couple who are musicians in the Royal Canadian Reserves will come perform and then do a workshop, a taekwondo instructor will come do a workshop, as well as a Spanish tutor, just to name a few!  We will also take the children to nearby playgrounds regularly to switch up their routine here.

2021 Summer Camp Registration and Fees
No need to register for full weeks or the full summer; you have options!  We can register your child(ren) for:

  • Full time (all summer, every day);
  • Part time (every week, certain days);
  • Flex schedule (random days scheduled ahead of time as needed);
  • Full or part time with certain weeks off;

Or whatever else you need!  Reach out and we will do our best to accommodate you!
Summer Camp Fees:

  • $175.00/week or $35.00/day;
  • One-time registration fee of $20.00 (you will not pay this in subsequent years);
  • Childcare Subsidy accepted;
  • Payment due on the 1st of each month for that month of fees;
  • Maximum additional cost per week of $10.00 depending on guest/trip scheduled.

Please click here for our forms, they can be printed, filled out, scanned and emailed back if that is easiest.  Registration can take place through email childrensgarden@eastlink.ca if you do not have time to come by and meet us.  But we will be happy to provide a tour if you can come by!